SPECIAL OFFER!!! Theater and drinks for less than $20!

Come  to see the political thriller “39 Defaults” and get Happy Hour Drinks on Casa Mezcal: $4 Wine or Beer, and the best Margarita only $8.  

$15 Regular Ticket, $12$ Student Ticket. Get your ticket now: http://39defaults.eventbrite.com/

Come to 39 Defaults! Discover the secret’s of your neighbor and test your political convictions. He is a political activist, she has her own cause. Tuesdays and Sundays, November 11th through December 2nd.

The play shows this interaction in real time. It takes place in an authentic living room and in this intimate setting; there will be no border between the piece and the audience, who participate in the performance as the invited “voyeurs” of the evening.

This is a play about idealism and human interactions, about the contrast between ideas and daily necessities.

Ricard Neun is a Spanish social activist. He has defrauded 39 banks in Spain. He claims this is not a crime, but a general call for financial disobedience. He is travelling around America giving lectures about this “action”. In New York he gives a talk and meets Liz, who invites him to stay at her place.

Sponsor by Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain


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